Release of PROBA-V Collection 2

Today marks the release of the highly anticipated new collection of PROBA-V data, namely Collection 2 (C2) after almost a year of processing.

PROBA-V's companion satellite launched succesfully

The PROBA-V CubeSat Companion (PVCC) was launched with a Vega launcher from the ESA launch base.

Phase out of PROBA-V Collection 1

Following the release of the improved PROBA-V Collection 2 data, we remind you that the PROBA-V Collection 1 will be phased out from March 29th, 2023.

Changes in the PROBA-V NDVI S10 TOC 300 m time series layer

The PROBA-V S10 TOC 300 m NDVI (V3) layer was applying an additional mask on waterbodies instead of returning the actual proba-v ndvi.

PROBA-V Collection 2 Reprocessing Campaign

The PROBA-V Collection 2 reprocessing campaign is finished!

PROBA-V, ready to close its eyes

The end of a beautiful mission. When the PROBA-V mission was launched in 2013, we knew that there was going to be an inevitable end to the mission.

SPOT-VEGETATION data collection migration

We are currently in progress of phasing out legacy portals step by step.