Geolocation Accuracy

The geolocation accuracy per spectral band (expressed as Absolute Location Error, ALE) from 2014 onwards can be viewed here. The semi-transparent graph indicates the daily ALE values per spectral band, while the bright lines denote 30-day averages. The thin black vertical lines indicate the dates at which updated Instrument Calibration Parameters (ICP) files were implemented.

Note that during the first months of the PROBA-V operations, the ALE was relatively high (peak values ~150 – 250 m) due to a star tracker issue. After this issue was solved, the ALE became much lower and was generally well below 100 m. When ALE values are considered too high for more than ~5 days, the geometric ICP is updated to ensure better geolocation performance. However, during the last two years the geolocation has been stable and no ICP file updates have been necessary since 8 September 2016. The very high values for 19 – 21 September 2018 have been investigated, see for more information the ‘Known Issues’ section.

PROBA-V Absolute Location Error 2014-present