Image Processing Center

  • Operational Processing Services:
    Thanks to the years of experience that we have built up the last decade, VITO has gained much-valued expertise in operational image processing, archiving and dissemination.
    This yields high-quality images for (inter)national end users. Situated between registration and distribution, our data centre is responsible for providing the technological backbone required.
  • A Global Client Network:
    VITO processes images into end products that are used by a wide range of clients worldwide – from government institutions dealing with industrialists to research centres. Data distribution to this broad, global user community takes place via the Internet or satellite broadcasting.
  • A High-Performance Data Centre:
    VITO’s data center excels in its state-of-the-art infrastructure – without losing sight of energy efficiency. Our experts are highly committed to achieve advanced image processing via optimised software computing chains on high performance processing clusters. Thanks to the scalable system in place, we are able to expand the data centre continuously. The stable and secure IT environment ensures that the date archived in our data centre is protected effectively against cyber attacks. Crucial data are archived at a number of different locations, which ensures that they have the extra protection required.