Data Policy

PROBA-V data are available at 1 km, 300 m, and 100 m resolutions. The usage of the 1 km products is the responsibility of the European Space Agency (ESA), while the Belgian national exploitation program funded by the Belgian Science Policy (BELSPO) is responsible for the 300 m and 100 m products. Therefore the data policy is split up into these two parts below.

PROBA-V 1 km products

Table 1 of the data policy document presents the various products available at 1 km resolution.

The PROBA-V 1 km products are freely available and are customizable.

PROBA-V 300 m and 100 m products

Table 2 of the data policy document presents the various products at 300 m resolution.

The 300 m an 100 m products can be customized with the following options:

  • HDF4 or GeoTIFF format instead of HDF5.
  • Clipping the granules of products to a specific, rectangular region of interest.
  • Selection of specific bands, e.g. only the RED band.

Scientific Use

  • All products may be used for scientific purposes. When a user wants to use products for scientific purposes only, he/she can get the required products under special, more favorable conditions. The use of products for research projects that are entirely funded by ESA is also considered as Scientific Use.
  • The use of products by EC research projects is considered as Scientific Use, provided they are not and will not be used for other than research purposes.
  • All Scientific Use projects have to indicate the total amount of products required.

Data policy

The terms of use described are applicable to all products and are only applicable to data and products for which it is theoretically possible, using a reverse algorithm, to reconstruct any of the 1 km, 300 m, or 100 m product data.

More detailed data policy information is available in the data policy document.