S1/S10 Matlab Reader Tool

In this page you can download a Matlab script for reading the PROBA-V S1/S10 products in an easy and handy way. It is developed because there was a high need from end users to be able to extract and read the PROBA-V images and convert them to an easy format to work with (e.g standard IDL/ENVI format).

Download the script (only for windows 32/64 bits)
In case of trouble, please download the following DLL: Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2012 Update 4

In the zip folder, you will find the following folder/files:

->bin folder : folder containing the h5dump binary executable that extracts the hdf5 data
->cfg folder : folder containing the layers.txt ascii file for the HDF5 layer selection
->input folder : folder to be used as input, all the HDF5  products to be converted need to be copied in this folder (two samples are present)
->output folder : folder used by the conversion tool to store the output files

- pv_read.m : the matlab script to convert the PROBA-V S1-TOC, S1-TOA and S10-TOC HDF5 files into IDL/ENVI files
- ./cfg/layers.txt : ascii file for user HDF5 layer'selection

1- Under the cfg folder, use the layers.txt file to select the layers that need to be extracted from the HDF5 PROBA-V product. To do that, add simply this caracter # behind the layer to be ignored (e.g. the layers.txt configuration below will extract only the TOA images from the HDF5 products, all other layers (e.g  'LEVEL3/GEOMETRY/SAA') are ignored.


2- Run the matlab script pv_read.m
3- The output files are stored in the output folder using this convention
4- Enjoy

Please contact us in case of bug/issue or for suggestions/improvements