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Following methods are available for accessing PROBA-V data.
All products are distributed free of charge.

More details about our data policy on this link.

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Product Distribution Panel

Our product distribution portal gives access to all products free of charge upon registration.


In the Datapool, you can get fast access to data distributed by VITO in the Product Distribution Portal. You can use external tools to download large parts of the archive conveniently.

For a more advanced Web portal discover and order data, please visit

Virtual Machine

With the user Virtual Machine (VM), a developer or researcher can access a Virtual Research Environment with access to the complete PROBA-V data archive and a powerful set of tools and libraries to work with the data (e.g. SNAP toolbox, GRASS GIS, QGIS) or to develop-debug test applications (R, Python or Java).

GEO Viewer

View the PROBA-V data in full resolution using a simple web browser or tools such as QGIS.

Time Series Viewer

Explore PROBA-V time series, complemented with meteo data and derived indicators for vegetation products.


The notebooks application allows you to create and share documents that contain live code, equations, visualizations and explanatory text. It is directly integrated with the Hadoop processing cluster to enable large scale processing.

Our Applications and Help

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For years, global food security has been at the forefront as one of the most pressing development targets. According to the FAO, food production around the world has to grow by more than 70% if we want to achieve food for all in 2050. Both public and private organizations bear a huge responsibility to raise food production in a sustainable way. Remote Sensing and especially satellite missions delivering daily global observations, like PROBA-V, are crucial to monitor the status of crops worldwide and predict yields.

Land Use / Land Cover

Land is an essential natural resource - for humanity and all terrestrial ecosystems. But while resources are strictly finite, human demands are not. Today, this leads to events such as deforestation, soil degradation and the loss of wildlife. PROBA-V, the small satellite for global observations, helps monitor and map the extent and dynamics of land cover and land use.


Global daily satellite observations are indispensable to monitor the driving forces of climate change, arguably the largest and most challenging problem our society is facing. Additionally, remote sensing serves to monitor the effects of climate change, e.g. changes in land cover and land use. Hereto PROBA-V satellite imagery with low spatial resolution but delivering daily global coverage is invaluable.


Although PROBA-V is designed as a land mission, the good image quality provides opportunities to extend its applications to coastal waters.  By applying a dedicated atmospheric correction above water  we can derive information on the turbidity of the water and the suspended sediment concentration. Combining these turbidity and suspended sediment products from PROBA-V with products from other typical Ocean Colour sensors allows for better monitoring of turbidity in dynamic near shore areas and it increases the chance to detect short term events in particular for areas with rapid changing cloud cover.

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