Dear user,

We are currently in progress of phasing out legacy portals step by step. This means the current data distribution system will be replaced by a new catalogue, named OSCARS (Open Search Catalogue for Remote Sensing data). A complementary user interface will be updated as well using todays technologies and a modern and intuitive user interface.

All our Copernicus Sentinel collections can already be found using the Terrascope viewer application in which you can browse, view, compare, export the different collections. The next step is to add the entire archive of SPOT-VEGETATION data to the new catalogue system for further exploration in parallel to the existing collection, expected to be exposed around the end of June 2021. The existing SPOT-VEGETATION collection on the portal will be entirely phased out on September 30, 2021.

In a following step the newly reprocessed PROBA-V Collection 2 data will be ingested as well in the new catalogue. Finally, the portal will be completely phased out, expected 2022.

In case of any specific questions, please contact our helpdesk at

The VITO team