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Save the date for the PROBA-V Symposium 2018 – 29-31/05/2018

After more than 4 years of successful operations, PROBA-V is consolidating its role as key data provider to the Copernicus Global Land Service and as valuable complement to Sentinel-2 and Sentinel-3 suite of optical sensors. In this context, and with the intention to further promote the scientific and operational exploitation of PROBA-V data, we will be organizing the second “PROBA-V Symposium” from 29 till 31 May 2018 in Belgium. After the successful PROBA-V Symposium 2016, we look forward to gather again PROBA-V, scientists, students, representatives from national, European and international agencies, operational end-users and value adding industries. More information will become available on the event website shortly. Stay tuned.

Notification of on-board tests

Dear PROBA-V user, The PROBA-V team is continually striving for product excellence.
In order to further improve the PROBA-V datasets, on-board updates are going to be performed between Wednesday 7 June and Monday 12 June 2017.
Data loss or degraded data is expected during the latter dates, but will be filtered out during quality control at the processing center.
In case you have any further questions, please contact our helpdesk.
We apologize for any inconvenience.
VITO’s Image Processing Centre

Latest News

4th Birthday for PROBA-V!

This weekend our beloved satellite reaches the fortunate age of 4 year. Judging by the age of its elderly family members (PROBA-1 & PROBA-2), it still has a long life ahead. For your joy and pleasure, we have compiled some time-lapse movies with some examples of the data we have collected of our ever-changing planet over the past few years.

New PROBA-V website launched!

We are excited to announce that our new and refreshed website is live. The updated site includes change in the navigation, direct links to the data and all Mission Exploitation applications. Don’t forget to stop by our Quality pages containing lots of information on various quality parameter, consistency and validation reports. Enjoy!

PROBA-V mission extended to 2019!

Launched in May 2013 with an original design lifetime of 5 years, PROBA-V now raises the bar and adds another 1.5 years to its lifetime to at least the end of October 2019. The platform availability is still of superior quality with no signs of degradation, geometric and radiometric performances are well within requirements and all infrastructure and protocols are well operated and maintained. Above all, more than 800 institutions or companies, representing more than 100 nationalities,  are information-hungry for PROBA-V data and are now served on a daily basis.