Subscribe to free PROBA-V 100 m and 300 m products!

Dear PROBA-V user,

We are pleased to announce the following improvements on our PROBA-V data:

-  All users can now subscribe to the free PROBA-V data collections (older than  1 month) via

-  All recent processed PROBA-V level 3 product metadata are now compliant with version 1.6 of the Climate and Forecast (CF) conventions. More information on

Stitching of tiles is now enabled by default for custom orders with a specific region of interest (up to 150 tiles for 300 m or 50 for 100 m) rather than delivering individual tiles. The tile stitching option can still be disabled if required by the user. 

-  A reprocessing campaign for the entire PROBA-V archive is planned in 2016. This update will include a new and improved cloud detection algorithm, minor improvements on radiometry and inclusion of the CF metadata compliancy. Further updates related to this topic will be communicated in the weekly mailing and the ‘news’ section on the PROBA-V web sites.

We hope these new options will  further facilitate your use of PROBA-V data!

In case you have any questions, please contact our helpdesk at

Kind regards,

VITO’s Image Processing Centre