PROBA-V's Image of the Week - The Pampas, Argentina

The Pampas, Argentina

High Resolution "Image of the Week" The Pampas, Argentina

Wildfires across the Pampas, Argentina

The fertile Pampas, grasslands located in northern Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil  are frequently struck by wildfires, both from natural cause such as lightning and under manmade control, for agricultural purposes.

This was the case throughout December 2016, when many fires burnt well over 300 000 hectares in the La Pampa and Rio Negro provinces. Strong winds and Summer temperatures, drought in the preceding winter and spring seasons and a decrease in ranching activities, that normally reduces availability of fine fuels, contributed to the devastation. Rain in late December helped firefighters regain control, while a few hots spots persisted in early January.

This sequence of PROBA-V images, shows the vast extent of the affected area, that is intersected by the Rio Colorado River. In the southwest corner, Ria Negro River stands out as well.