PROBA-V Collection 1

 PROBA-V Collection 1
Dear PROBA-V user,
In order to further improve the PROBA-V datasets, a full reprocessing of the PROBA-V archive was launched during the summer of 2016. This new collection is named "Collection 1" or in short "C1".
Changes in the C1 collection are:
- Updated cloud detection algorithm;
- Updates on radiometric calibration parameters;
- Release L2a products;
- Meta data compliancy to Climate and Forecasting conventions (v1.6).
On December 5, we will switch the near-real-time processing to the new cloud detection algorithm. At the same time, a first set of reprocessed data (starting in Oct 2013) will be made available to you.
Data of current collection (C0) will remain available until the reprocessing campaign is finished, currently projected in February 2017.
Reprocessed products (C1) can be recognized by their version number: V101 instead of V001 for the current products (C0).
A preliminary validation report on the reprocessing campaign will also be released soon.
On top of the new collection release, Level 2A (Top-of-Atmosphere) products will become available during the reprocessing for the entire archive.
Detailed C1 data information and additional L2A products can be found in our new version of the Product User Manual.
We hope you will enjoy the new data and if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our scientific helpdesk on
The PROBA-V Team