PROBA-V 100 m products released!

PROBA-V 100 m products released!

Dear PROBA-V data user,

We proudly announce that PROBA-V 100 m products are now available via our Product Distribution portal at

PROBA-V 100 m products are available as 1- and 5-day synthesis files:

  • S1 TOA reflectance (not atmospherically corrected)
  • S1 TOC reflectance (atmospherically corrected)
  • S5 TOA reflectance (not atmospherically corrected)
  • S5 TOC reflectance (atmospherically corrected)
  • S5 NDVI (atmospherically corrected)

The terms and conditions for using these data are similar to the 300 m imagery, which means that data older than 1 month can be downloaded for free. Please read our Data Policy

Please note that due to the reduced swath width global coverage at 100 m resolution is achieved in 5 days, rather than every 2 days.

Questions on PROBA-V 100 m products can be addressed to the VITO Remote Sensing Helpdesk: