PROBA-V MEP Mission Exploitation Platform:
The PV_MEP project has the ambition to complement the PROBA-V user segment by building an operational Exploitation Platform (EP) on these data, complementary data and derived products, addressing hereby the wider vegetation user community with the final aim to ease and increase the use of PROBA-V data by any user.
Distribution portal Download Data:
order free, commercial and derived PROBA-V products
PROBA-V products user manual PROBA-V products user manual:
this document describes the PROBA-V product chain, the derived products and the product portal at which the products are disseminated
PROBA-V product customization tool PROBA-V product customization tool:
upon various requests of users for some extended tools for the PROBA-V data, VITO developed a PROBA-V ProductCustomization Tool(PPT)
PROBA-V S1/S10 product Matlab reader PROBA-V S1/S10 product Matlab reader:
In this page you can download a Matlab script for reading the PROBA-V S1/S10 products in an easy and handy way.
PROBA-V subscriptions PROBA-V subscriptions:
subscribe to PROBA-V's Image of the Week and operational/technical news
everything about the satellite on the ESA website
ESA PROBA-V app PROBA-V App for Android and iOS:
This mobile application serves to promote the ESA Proba-V mission and data by giving users access to vegetation information, as seen from space, and associating this information to pictures taken by the users. Pictures composed through the App can be shared and aggregated through multiple social media channels.